Neiman Marcus For Target Clearance Haul


Yesterday I asked my husband if he wanted to go to target.  He said, “sure”.  While we were driving he asked what it was that i needed from target.  I told him they had another designer collection collaboration that I wanted to check out because it was supposed to be on clearance now for 50% off.  I also said I didn’t know what I needed until  I got there to see what they had…lol  That is how stores like Target and Wal-Mart work for me.  I may go in to buy one thing and walk out with 10 because I happen to see something I needed and didn’t know until I’ve seen it.

So when the hubby, kids and I walked into Target, I spotted the collection in the front of the store with 70% off clearance signs.  My eyes lit up and my pace quickened, my husband said you don’t have to run…lol  I was thrilled because I expected to see 50% off and 70% off well that garnered my happy dance.

Here is what I bought:


This Robert Rodriguez top is amazing! I absolutely love this top.  This picture doesn’t really do it justice.  In person it is really gorgeous and feels amazing. It’s just so pretty and girly yet chic and classy.  I can already picture a couple of things I’d like to pair it with. Can’t wait to wear it in an outfit post to show you all.  With a regular price of $79.99 I got it for only $23.98.


I loved the color and print on these  Tracy Reese desert plates .  They are rimmed in 18k gold, again simply gorgeous.  I plan to do more cooking and baking this year and thought these would be perfect to use when I’m taking pictures of something to show you all on the blog.  Plus I’m just a sucker for pretty things.  On clearance for only $11.98 for a set of 4, regularly priced $39.99.  These were a definite no brainer.


I’ve been needing something with small compartments to properly store my small stud earrings and I spotted this Diane Von Furstenburg jewelry box and thought how perfect and cute.  Now I would have much preferred they had a wrap dress from her…lol But this jewelry box is functional with a great black and white print and love her signature in the bottom.  Plus marked down from $49.99 to $14.98, it was a must buy for me as well.


Last but not least was this totally adorable Carolina Herrera journal set.  I have so many little journals and notepads that I simply buy because I like the way they look and I love jotting down notes, doodling…etc.  Loved the vibrant colors and prints of the journal and the primary colors of the pencils. Bought it for only $5.98.

I’m thinking this designer collaboration did not do as well as previous ones because of the original prices, but I’m sure at these more obtainable prices they should fly off of the shelves now.  So if there is a Target in your area you may want to may a quick stop.

P.S. As I write this I’m contemplating going to our other Target to see what they have and maybe picking up the Oscar de la Renta Tote, it looks perfect for Spring/Summer and under $20 if I recall. ;)


Happy Shopping!



13 thoughts on “Neiman Marcus For Target Clearance Haul

  1. Im happy you got the clearanced items! At my local Target it doesnt look like anybody has bought anything!! I tried on the Lela Rose and the Robert Rodriguez dresses but they didnt look good on my curvy figure :(

  2. I also saw that shirt on clearance (50% at the time) but I didn’t buy it! Now that you posted that things were at 70%, I might have to go back, lol

  3. I must have that Robert Rodriguez shirt! That was in Target??? I’ll have to tell the hubby that it was approved by you, therefore, I must buy it. I haven’t looked at Target clothes in ages. It’s usually straight to the housewares and decorations, lol.

  4. I snagged that tote for $17! I was sooooo super excited to find it on clearance. I didn’t want to pay full price for it. Can’t wait to rock it this Spring!

    • Yes!! I’m so glad you were able to scoop it up. I went back to Target a couple of days later to get it and girl they were all gone. I was mad…lol But glad you were able to get it. :)

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