Transitioning Back to My Roots

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Another one of my goals, resolutions or lifestyle changes, (whichever way you say it) for 2013 is to stop relaxing my hair and  to keep heat styling to a minimum. The first time I decided to go natural six years ago, I did the “big chop”.  I just cut my hair all off and started all over growing it out.  I was miserable because it took me a while to find the right products to use and I was in Portugal so everything wasn’t readily available. But I eventually figured it out and started to like it.

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My hair has of course grown since then.


There will be times when I want to wear it straight via blow drying and flat ironing.


So this time around I have decided not to cut all of my hair off, but to simply transition from relaxed to natural.  Which means I will continue to let my hair grow out in its kinky/curly natural state and then little by little cut off the relaxed hair by trimming my ends and eventually cut off  all the left over relaxed ends once it reaches a length I am comfortable with.

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For those interested I will be finding and trying new hairstyles and products, sharing this journey with you. :) I’m excited about it, because I really do miss the texture and fullness.

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Did anyone else make any resolutions in regards to their hair? Or did you make any changes as far as cut or color for the New Year?



20 thoughts on “Transitioning Back to My Roots

  1. I have been toying with this idea but didn’t want to chop all of my hair off. I’m going to try and grow it out and see what my hair looks like naturally. Thanks for posting this! Informative as usual.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I’ve been toying with the idea for a while. I was talking about it with a few of my running friends. I definitely didn’t want to chop it all of. I’m going to take the grow it out approach. I do not know what my hair will look like, but im going to give it a try. Fingers are crossed. Your hair is beautiful!

    • Thank you again…lol Yes when I did the big shop initially six years ago it was the wrong choice for me because I was miserable for a good 6 months. I wore wigs and my husband was like why did you cut it all off just to wear fake hair…lol So growing it out this time is the best option for me I realize. ;)

      • That’s exactly what I’m trying to avoid. I don’t want to cut it off then have to wear wigs/weaves. I definitely will need help on the product front. I’m going to research as well. I think I’ll be better off with my running to not have to worry about my hair.

      • Yes that was a big part of my reasoning as well. I want to start exercising on a regular basis and it is so much easier to wash and go with natural hair. Tired of putting the stress on my hair from wearing it i a ponytail most of the time or having to blow dry and flat iron it. So right now I’m doing co-washes and braiding, twisting or rodding it at night for waves and curls. I’ll share more in upcoming post. :)

  3. Greetings! i transitioned 10 years ago and I haven’t looked back. Back then, I did not know I was transitioning . I just knew I no longer wanted to relax my hair. There was no youtube and social media as we know it now didn’t exist. As a result, it was quite scary for me because I didn’t know what to do with my hair until I stumbled upon Nappturality’s message board.

    I wish you the best on your journey back to natural hair.

    BTW, you have a really nice site.

    • Wendy thank you so much! I will definitely check out that site and doing my research. You are so right about the multitude of info on the web now. I’m really happy about that. Again thank you so much I really appreciate it! :)

  4. I’m partial to a cute, short cut; being a mom. I don’t have a lot of patience for spending a lot time on my hair. I used to perm mine because I didn’t like my straight hair; but, have found a cute, short style for my hair, untl I decide I want to try something different.

    Looks good

    • Susan you are so right about not having the time and or patience when you’re a mom to spend on our hair. I’m at an age now also where I just want maintenance free and wash and go. Thank you.

  5. P.S. My changes for this year are to exercise on a regular basis and to get debt free.

    Take care

  6. i went natural 2yrs ago and i love it. i have seen the pictures of you before natural and just like with your sense of clothing style, you just can’t look bad! your hair is gorgeous, straight or textured. all the best! <3

    • Hi La Toya I love Neutrogena Triple Moisture and Giovanni Deep Moisture. For shine I use a combination of olive oil, coconut oil and shea oil. I take a small amount of each in the palm of my hand and rub them together then spread evenly throughout my hair while it damp.

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