About Me:

Hello my name is Tanasha and I’m a 6’4 fashion and diy obsessed shopaholic, Army wife and mommy of two.  I heart fashion, beauty, style, travel, diy projects, and food.  I hoard fashion magazines and style books, and love to watch reality TV shows for the fashion.   I’ll be the first to admit that I will try a product because I think the packaging is “PRETTY”.  I decided to create Pretty Tall Style as my “me” time, to share my passions, hobbies, discoveries and musings.

About Pretty Tall Style:

I found myself in a bit of a fashion rut after getting married and having two children, and decided it was time to turn things around, so I created this blog as a style diary of sorts to help me recapture my style and chronicle some amazing moments in my life.  On Pretty Tall Style you will find a little bit of everything which mainly includes my personal style, fashion finds, beauty, travel, food and sewing DIY’s, along with a few “wow! you’re tall” encounters.

My Mission:

While embarking on this “style” journey and living my everyday life as a “TALL” military wife and mom, I realized that there may be others out there who are experiencing the same thing.  Wives and mothers who have kind of just let themselves go and forgotten about their past stylish selves. Tall girls and women who need to know that they are not alone and that others share and understand their story and frustration in finding affordable and stylish fashion and shoes that fit. Hopefully while sharing a bit of my life and “STYLE”, I can be a resource to others wives, mothers and especially tall girls find and/or recapture their own personal style.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you’ll choose to follow this blog and stay for a while.



21 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m 46 and 5’11. I have a 13 yr old daughter who is already 6’1 and a skinny mini at (114 lbs). My favorite ‘tall story’ is when ever people walk up and say “wow Dana are you tall” I respond with “I know, isn’t she lucky ?”
    Instills a sense of positive engery about being labeled ‘tall’

    thankfully she hasn’t gotten to that awkward stage just yet. She loves being tall and although she gets the occasional “tree” comment, (always from a jealous boy) one of her favorite shirts to wear to school says “I’m tall and you’re not. Nah Nah Nah Nah”

  2. Hi i’m 19 and i lay right between 6 feet and 6’1 I personally love your blog i wish i found it when i was founder though. lucky for me i’m the oldest out of four and my little sister looks like she’s going to be taller then me she is absolutely gorgeous but i know she’s very insecure i think ur blog would be perfect for her :)

  3. Thanks,
    You look so beautiful (nice clean and a fresh skin look)
    Anyways, i see you love your shoes!
    How often do you were heels.

    At the moment i am trying to get my confidence levels back up at peak levels.
    I used to wear heels but now only like wearing a medium sort.

    I want to wear heels max at about 4 inches.

    More would just be too much.

    But i think beauty has everything to do with how you feel tho.

    and i need to get to that level where no matter how high up i am, i will simply not care what people think.

    I work in a male dominated industry, and my boss even asked me once why i wear heels if i am tall already,

    for a few weeks after that i started wearing flats, till i realised, he can take a nice ride somewhere.


    Its not my fault that am tall. Why should that be a problem since your so short?

    And i vow to be the best me that God made, and if He asked me to come another way – i would come as me.

    And i aint changing for nobody.

    I used to think wow – God if i was 5.10 i would wear massive heels, cause its a nice height. but i figured, 5.10 is just 2 inches away from me so there basically isnt much a diff so i would come as me – again and again and again!

    And you know, it works, when i am confident, and i walk confidently, i attract loads of people!

    i even managed to get a good looking young thang – a real hotty. and contrary to popular belief, men of all heights can date tall women.

    i would have considered my hottie to be “out of my league”, nice height, manly, fit (ex personal trainer), intelligent (into IT) but you should have seen how he happily passed over all girls, short young ones for me! Taking me to the movies (bless him).

    And i have dated all guys, so i think height is something people look past after the intial moment.

    And i am happy to report that i am so happy about myself.

    With this new surge of confidence, just need to do my hair nails, get a nice outfit and nice shoes!!!

    Thank you for being you


    • Thank you so much Jewel for your kind words! Thank you for sharing your story as well! Wear those heels! Tall is beautiful and I can tell that you are because your spirit shines through your words. Stay blessed.



  4. Hi, I just came across your blog through twitter, I thought I was tall but I guess not, and I’ve never had a problem with my height, I’m 5′ 11 1/2″, lol at that half inch! Thank you for putting it out there that tall woman are exceptionally beautiful and that there is something amazing about being tall!

    • Hello Justine! Welcome and I’m glad you found my blog. Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so happy there are lots of other tall women and girls out there who love their height. To be tall is a blessing, we’re unique, beautiful and amazing. We were made to stand out for a reason, why not make it a positive one! :) :)

  5. You Go Girl!!! U doing the Damm thing. I don’t know how I found your Blog but I am loving it.. I am a SIH.. 6ft 3inches 38 inch inseam love that you sew..
    I’ve always loved Being Tall. Its my weight and shape that give me problems. My Mother gave me he best gift a Mother could give to her daughter, self-confidence. growing up I actually felt sorry for short people. She told me tall people are more like Angels On Earth.. & always remember the Bible says Man fell short because of sin. {she did a great job) I still feel tall people are nicer closer to God .Than short People.
    I love your style,wish I had your shape..But I am
    still grateful to be alive. I wanna be just like you start a blog . I just got no fashion sense. like U so maybe for now I just watch you for a while.. if U don’t mind..
    ((SMOOCHES)) Your True Sister In Height.LaLa

    • Thank you so much! I am so glad you found my blog and like it. That makes me happy! You’re mother sounds like a smart and beautiful woman. I’m learning myself about finding my style so hopefully we can help each other. :)

  6. Love your blog! I too am a tall SAHM to two. I’m 6″1′ and have spent alot of energy up to now trying to hide my height (and size 13 feet). My tall 2 year daughter is taking after me and will probably never be ‘on the charts’. It was laid on my heart that I can give her a huge gift by being proud of my height and not caring about the big feet. So I bought some heels and am super excited about all the cute stuff I can wear with them (and your blog gave me some more good ideas!) Thanks!

    • Hi Lisa! Thank you very much! You are so right, the greatest gift you can give to your daughter besides love of course is a mom who is confident in who she is and loves everything about herself big feet and all. :) If she see’s you loving and owning your height and thinks wow my mom is tall, beautiful and smart. Guess what she is going to want to grow up and be that tall, confident, smart and beautiful woman herself. But if she see’s you constantly trying to disguise your height and feeling bad about your feet, it can really have a negative effect on how she feels about herself later on if she takes after you in those areas. I’m so glad and super excited about the cute stuff you will now be wearing and your new heel, but most importantly your new attitude and awareness for your daughter. This really made me happy. Tall is beautiful and you are a wonderful mom! :)

  7. Hi Tanasha
    I wanted to let you know my daughter, who is 11 yrs old and 5’9 1/2″ and myself just started sewing. My mom, who is an excellant seemstress, brought to my attention that He would like to teach my daughter how to sew. It’s getting to be a challenge to find her skirts that fit properly. She made her 1st pencil skirt in the mini houndstooth fabric black and white. She was so elated with the finished product. I wanted to share that with you.

    Take care

  8. I’m loving all these comments! I’m a 23 year old tall girl, 6’2 and it would have been nice to have something like this when I was younger: a group of above average girls who owned their height! I wouldn’t have felt so alone! Luckily, I looked at my height as a positive thing: I used to be really shy and standing out is what forced me to come out of my shell. Once I got passed my height complex and accepted it, I notice people responded to me positively (it didn’t hurt that boys finally caught up too haha) Great blog, I’m glad I came across it!

    • Hello and welcome! 6’2 that is awesome and I LOVE that you have always looked at your height in a positive way because it truly is. Thank you so much for the kind words and I am so happy that you happened across my blog as well. I appreciate you following and taking the time to comment. :)

  9. Tanasha,

    thank you for your style. You look so good. So young, healthy skin – a nice canvas to decorate how you would please. So important in fashion.

    thank you for sending the positive message accross that you have to love yourself for who you are.

    Nowadays, everybody is trying to be a prototype that fell off some hollywood assembly line and it is just not working. true beauty lies in a well rooted identity – which you possess.

    I personally made up in my mission statemeent that if people cant take me as i am – they can walk.

    To quote the words of Dieter Von Tease (i think spelling) “you can be the juiciest peach alive and someone is still going to not like peaches”.

    ALL women have issues, some its skin tone, they would happilly spend about USD250 000.00 just to make their skin white as Christina Aguilera – i know someone who is a celebrity on this side of our world and she has spend half of that so far and is waiting to undergo surgery to make her skin whiter. She looks weird cause her kids are so dark and she sticks out.

    Women always will have issues, trying to please men. Not even Beyonce can please all men on the planet. So why settle for less by moulding ourselves to peoples images.

    Remember i told you i was struggling since boss made comment about my height, i normally wore mid heel shoes (2.5 – 3 inches) but started with flats for a couple of weeks after. Well i am glad to report i just stopped caring after that.

    In fact as we speak i am wearing about 4.5 inch heels (I am 5.11, used to be 6ft) a short black dress with leather detail and black jacket, spikey earings with a hint of blue and matching blue eyeliner. short nice bob. I happen to think i look good – i feel it too.

    I just stopped worrying what people think. And funny thing is when i wear my heels its not as bad as i thought. People dont really gawk when you are confident. It has become acceptable for women to wear heels. The other day there was a woman 6.5 wearing heels next to a 5ft man. No body really cared. It was accepted culture.

    Also the higher the heel (if its not a platform) will give you less and less height. So you can wear very high heels and still come up shorter. Just google “heel height truth”.

    Love you all girls you. Accept yourself witout apology!

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