My ‘Aha’ Moment

I had an “aha” moment while picking up my three year old son from pre-school yesterday.  Now my son is tall.  He will be four in May and he is already 46 1/2″ tall and wearing 5t clothes, which are now starting to come up short on him.  I’m used to seeing him tower over his classmates and even some of the first and second graders at his school.  But there is a boy who is four years old and in his pre-school class and has him beat by a good 2-3 inches in height and width. To kind of give you a visual my son would be say comparable to Kevin Garnett’s build and this other child (who happens to be asian) is Yao Ming sized….lol  He is cute as all get out, and every time I see him I am amazed at how big he is.  I find that I can’t stop looking at him when I’m in the class.  I stare at him, not because I think he’s weird or odd looking.  He’s well proportioned and like I said really super cute and so very well mannered.  I find myself staring at him because I am in awe of him.  It’s like I can’t help it, my eyes are drawn to this kid until he looks back and I catch myself and look away…lol

Then it hit me, this is what people do to  I was like ‘aha’!  I now realize that people don’t do it on purpose.  They are not purposely trying to be rude and don’t even realize that they are.  It’s something that you just can’t help and don’t realize that you’re doing until the other person makes eye contact with you and you feel ashamed once you realize you were staring, so you quickly look away. Or at least this is how I felt…lol  So I’m going to give everyone else, all the starers out there the benefit of the doubt and try not to get so upset when I catch someone staring at me from here on out, because I realize they just can’t help it…lol Aha! ;)

Thank you for reading!