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    • Hi Jewel,
      I would wear the same heels as the other bridesmaids. If you’re already taller than the others you are going to stand out anyway and you might as well look as fabulous as possible. I’m 6’4 as you know so i am way taller than most of my friends and I’ve never felt awkward wearing heels around my friends who are 5 feet tall and they’ve never felt weird about it either. We’re just used to each others heights. I personally would feel weird being part of a bridal party and not wearing the same thing as the others. But you have to wear what you will be the most comfortable and confident in. Hopefully it will be the heels. :)

      • Hi Tanasha,


        Tanasha i threw a bomb in the enemy’s camp because i totally rocked it in my 4 inch heels at the wedding. Remember the wedding i told you about where i was worried about all the bridesmaids being under 5ft?

        I just decided that even if all but one bridesmaids were under 5 ft – why must i hold back.

        I walked with confidence and got compliments and photos taken by strangers.

        When we got in the church i just rocked it. I even danced and just went crazy as part of the procession.

        Yea i got stares but funny thing is, after that you just become part of the furniture anyways.

        Essentially you end up feeling at home.

        My future concerning high heels is so bright it is amazing.

        I overcame that fear and realised it was not even real!

        A toast to high heels!

        And thanks for your advice

      • Hello Jewel! Wow I am so happy you wore your heels and owned it! I bet you were a stunner! Yay to tall girls looking fabulous and being confident in heels. Congrats for the triumph love. :)

  1. Hello…I discovered your blog through pinterest. I just started blogging…enjoyed reading your commentary on Steel Magnolias. Have not seen the movie yet. Have a good evening. Carol

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