Army Wife

Hello beautiful ones!  I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far. My weekend has been pretty good.  I’ve had some time to do some sewing and work on a couple of things that as always, I’ll be excited to show you next week.


Today’s look is a casual one, perfect for the weekend.  I have quite a few obsessions right now. You already know the peplum…lol Camouflage print is another one.  Now my husband being in the Army wears camo everyday to work and absolutely hates it. (SMH) He says it is not in style and never will be…


He is so wrong as we all know camouflage print is very much “in” right now and personally I think it’s a classic.  Especially the jackets, I’m still waiting to get my hands on one those.


But I was able to get my paws on these lovely pants from Gap, so they are satisfying my camouflage obsession for the moment.


I decided to pair them with one of my hubby’s ARMY T-shirts for the full on effect and throw on some heels to add a bit of a feminine flair.  He just shook his head as he was taking the pictures, I think secretly deep down…maybe way, way deep down…he liked it though. ;)


What I’m Wearing:

Moto Jacket – (Tall)

Army T-shirt – Borrowed from the Hubby

Camo Pants – (Tall)

Black Pumps –

So what are your thoughts on camouflage?  Is it a print that you wear or would wear? Let me know in the comments below, I love reading your thoughts. :)

Thank you for reading!