Emerald – Pantone Color of the Year 2013


As you all may probably  know by now, Pantone announced that the color of the year for 2013 is Emerald.  Here are some of my current favorite’s in the gorgeous green color.


1. Legacy Leather Large Duffle in Emerald $398 via coach.com.


2. Jersey Tank Maxi Dress in Imperial Jade available in regular. tall and petite sizes (currently on sale)$25 via oldnavy.com.


3. Printed Flare Dress in Green Dots available in regular, tall and petite sizes $59.95 via gap.com.


4. The Rockstar Super Skinny Jean in Gestalt Green available in regular, tall and petite sizes (currently on sale) $24.97 via oldnavy.com.


5. Silk Buttoned Tank in Emerald Dream available in regular, tall and petite sizes $69.50 via bananarepublic.com.


6. Christian Siriano for Payless Camile Bow Flat in Dark Green $26.99  via payless.com.

How will you be incorporating this beautiful color into your wardrobe in the new year?

Happy Shopping!



Green Maxi Dress and Plaid

"old navy green racerback maxi dress and plaid button up

I loved the color of this maxi dress when I spied it in Old Navy a few months ago, but I had a quick flash of sadness because my first thought before I picked it up was it wasn’t going to be long enough because it wasn’t tall sized.  But my mom who was with me urged me to try it on because it looked really long to her.  She turned out to be right, when I held it up to me it grazed the floor.   So into the dressing room I went and I was pleasantly surprised.  I couldn’t believe it hit me below the ankles and just above the floor.  So this dress was definitely a must buy now purchase.  I paired it here with a plaid button up also purchased at Old Navy that same day, but when I bought them I had no plans of wearing them together. As I was looking through my closet deciding what to wear both the greens caught my eye and this outfit was created. Perfect and comfy for running my errands.

So have you ever thought that something wouldn’t fit or look right on you, but you tried it on anyway and were so happy you did because it turned out to be perfect for you?



Miss Stripes

I have to admit upfront that this outfit was a miss for me. I was attempting to mix stripes, which I still think is a cool idea, just didn’t  like  some of the choices I made here.  In order for this to have worked in my opinion, I think I should have made this outfit a bit more casual.  I think I will try it again, but next time I won’t wear the blazer (the tank top is really cute and has a racer back, so perfect for summer, if I need a cover up, a jean jacket would work just fine), I will wear my navy high wedge sandals  and  carry a neutral slouchy bag, not my green one, although I love it so..lol  I’ll try to post the Remix pictures as soon as everything is washed…lol  I still wanted to post these miss pics because as we all know fashion and style are about trying new things and somethings will work and others won’t, but we shouldn’t be afraid to try new and different things. Acknowledging and learning from our mistakes (whether style related or something totally unrelated) can only help us to be better. :) The one positive I can find in these pics are my legs, kind of digging how they look. ;) But that’s about all! lol Here are the miss pics.  Let me know what you think, have you ever mixed stripes?

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Wet n Wild – SaGreena the Teenage Witch

I went to the store looking for rich fingernail polish colors last fall/winter.  I was looking for opulent greens, blues, purples and burgundy’s.  I came across this beautiful green color in Wal Mart.  It is Wet n Wild fastdry in SaGreena the Teenage Witch.  Don’t you just love the cute names they come up with now days for nail polish…lol  It’s a beautiful rich emerald green with a little bit of sparkle.  After you’ve been wearing it for a day os so it really does grow on you.  This is the color I’ve been wearing so far this week. Perfect if you’re looking for that little something green for St. Patrick’s Day.;)

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Green Pleats, Black Tie and the Bold Youngin’

Yesterday while in Forever 21 I came across this lovely green pleated skirt.  It caught my eye when I first walked in the store. My first thought was that’s kind of cute. My immediate second thought was…..ummm I don’t know about me and the pleats.  You see I’m not at my ideal weight and I know that pleats can add some extra visual poundage.  Third I was like, I don’t think I own anything that shade of green and wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. So I walked away from it and continued to look around the store. My mom ended up purchasing some sunglasses and asked if I was buying anything, I told her no, I spotted a bright blazer I wanted but they didn’t have my size.  So we started to walk out the store and then I turned toward the skirt again.  I asked my mom what she thought about it and she liked it.  I thought to myself, well I am trying to find my style and try new things so why not try it.  So I purchased the skirt.  After leaving the store my mom was pushing the boys in the stroller and I was walking on the side of it. All of a sudden a tall young man (probably about 6′ 2″) walks up and stops in front of me.  He startled me a bit and I just stopped and kind of tensed up.  He then blurted out, “How tall are you?” Kind of lingering on the “you”. Caught off guard I just answered immediately 6’4″ and we proceeded to walk around him. As I passed by him he smiled slyly and said….you guessed it, “wow, you’re tall ” with a sly look.  As we continued walking I told my mom, “and old enough to be his momma”…lol. My mom shook her head and said, “geez he could have at least said how tall he was or hi or something first”.  I replied, “now you see why I have so much to blog about..and this will be in the blog word for word, crazy people”….lol

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