Lisa Leslie Receives BET Honor

The BET Honors aired last night, but were held on January 12th at Warner Theatre in Washington DC.  Lisa Leslie, T.D. Jakes, Halle Berry, Clarence Avant and Chaka Khan were honored.  Lisa Leslie received her BET Honor for Athletics.  Here are some pictures from the awards show of the 6’5″ Lisa Leslie, looking absolutely gorgeous and elegant in black. If interested you can also watch a five-minute interview with the tall beauty speaking  her story on becoming a sports icon here.







Congratulations to Lisa Leslie and thank you for making us team tall girls proud and showing tall women all over the world that we too can be athletic, fierce, beautiful and still feminine.

So what do you all think of Lisa Leslie’s look for the evening?  I think she looks, classy, elegant, chic and absolutely gorgeous. :)

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Love Is In The Air

I really get a kick out of seeing tall people together.  They just seem to go together and compliment each other wonderfully.  When you see two tall people walking dow he street together it makes you take notice and you can’t help but to admire. These are some of my favorite couples.  Can’t get enough of them.  So do you have a favorite pairing?

President Obama 6’1″ and First Lady Michelle Obama 5’10.5″

“I love your style!” “Well, I love your style” hehehe

Prince William 6’3″ and Kate Middleton 5’10”

Lisa Leslie 6’5″ and Michael Lockwood 6’7″

Tom Brady 6’4″ and Gisele Bundchen 5’11”

Maria Sharapova 6’2″ and Sasha Vujacic 6’7″

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Pretty Tall Style Muse :: Lisa Leslie

The amazingly talented and gorgeous Lisa Leslie stands tall at 6′ 5″.  The 39-year-old was the first woman ever, to dunk in a WNBA game. She was the WNBA MVP three times during her career and also has four olympic gold medals under her belt.  What we tall girls can learn from Mrs. Leslie-Lockwood is that tall is beautiful, yes some of us do play basketball and pretty darn well, it can be the catalyst to many great things, tall girls can find their tall prince charming too and live happily ever after in their heels. :)  She is definitely a great example of a tall girl who rocks!

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