Transitioning Back to My Roots

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Another one of my goals, resolutions or lifestyle changes, (whichever way you say it) for 2013 is to stop relaxing my hair and  to keep heat styling to a minimum. The first time I decided to go natural six years ago, I did the “big chop”.  I just cut my hair all off and started all over growing it out.  I was miserable because it took me a while to find the right products to use and I was in Portugal so everything wasn’t readily available. But I eventually figured it out and started to like it.

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My hair has of course grown since then.


There will be times when I want to wear it straight via blow drying and flat ironing.


So this time around I have decided not to cut all of my hair off, but to simply transition from relaxed to natural.  Which means I will continue to let my hair grow out in its kinky/curly natural state and then little by little cut off the relaxed hair by trimming my ends and eventually cut off  all the left over relaxed ends once it reaches a length I am comfortable with.

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For those interested I will be finding and trying new hairstyles and products, sharing this journey with you. :) I’m excited about it, because I really do miss the texture and fullness.

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Did anyone else make any resolutions in regards to their hair? Or did you make any changes as far as cut or color for the New Year?